For checkbook and credit card insomniacs who need more financial certainty in their lives, SIMPLIFY is the worry-free bill paying service that keeps your finances ship-shape, so you can sleep easier and do more of what you love.

Safely Paying Your Bills Is The First Thing On Our Mind, So It Can Be The Last Thing On Yours. Many people just like you subscribe to bill paying services, not just busy professionals.

It might be for the lack of time or to ensure you’re not being wrongfully billed for something you didn’t buy. Maybe you’re worried about being charged for excess penalties and late fees you’d never bargained for. Or maybe you just need a trustworthy and reliable source to help you manage the finances of a loved one. This is what SIMPLIFY does well.

Whatever your reasons, it pays to work with SIMPLIFY to review, evaluate and properly pay your bills. Fraud, billing mistakes, excess tips at restaurants, autopay systems…all gone amok are not uncommon, and it’s just a matter of time before you’re the victim. It all adds up which is exactly why working with SIMPLIFY will more than pay for itself.

We’re great at what we do, but we’ll give you all the credit. SIMPLIFY can help you maintain the highest credit score within your grasp. This quickly translates into things like better insurance rates, lower credit card interest rates, more competitive cell phone agreements, whether or not you’re hired for a job… and so much more.

SIMPLIFY’s Financial Assistance lets you maintain long-standing relationships with your own financial institution while still having assistance with paying bills and balancing your checkbook on a regular basis. This also includes credit building – review of personal credit report and establish a plan to improve or re-establish a solid credit rating. Simplify will also keep a watchful eye on expenses such as insurance premiums, outrageous cable bills, cell phone plans, interest rates, etc. to ensure you save your hard earned money.

Happy Clients Say "We're Amazing!"

SIMPLIFY is a Sheboygan based, bonded and insured bill paying service with over 20 years of money management experience, so you can be sure you’re getting the best service available. Right here. Right now.