SIMPLIFY’s Student Loan Counseling

SIMPLIFY’s Student Loan Counseling is available for parents and students, pre and post college to help you get out of or manage college debt. This is a fee based service with a sliding scale fee.

SIMPLIFY’s Representative Payee Program

SIMPLIFY’s Representative Payee Program is available for those you know or love who are unable to handle any of their finances. Funds are placed and dispersed from a trust account including weekly personal needs funds. We work to provide a balanced budget and watch expenses in the client’s best interests.

SIMPLIFY’s Financial Awareness Sessions

Simplify’s Financial Awareness Sessions provide you very useful information. One-on-one, or in larger classroom settings, at your place, or ours. We also provide student loan counseling for parents and students, pre and post college to help you avoid, get out of, or manage large college debt.

SIMPLIFY’s Money Management Program

Money Management lets you maintain long-standing relationships with your own financial institution while still having assistance with paying bills and balancing your checkbook on a regular basis. This also includes credit building – review of personal credit report and establish a plan to improve or re-establish a solid credit rating. SIMPLIFY will also keep a watchful eye on expenses such as insurance premiums, outrageous cable bills, cell phone plans, interest rates, ensure you save your hard earned money. SIMPLIFY also offers an array of financial education presentations. Call or email for more information.