A client finds financial freedom through simplify

I was at a devasting point in my life after divorce, two kiddos both with significant medical needs and barely having enough money to survive. Looking back, I would not even call it living paycheck to paycheck; it was more like how many checks can I cash, pay the overdraft fee, feed the kids, put gas in the car, and figure out the mess next payday. Things never changed, the next payday would come and go, and I would repeat this cycle over and over drowning myself in overdraft fees. I could not keep doing this, it was terrible! I heard about this place, Simplify, from a friend. Simplify was able to help them with their finances and they loved it. I thought to myself, “My situation is too screwed up, it is beyond repair, and no one will be able to help me.” Several months passed and I continued to do things “my way.” I was at the point of needing to file bankruptcy, things were bad. I set aside my pride and made the call to Simplify, met with Lisa and Tammy to review my situation, and guess what? They were able to help me! Me! For the first time in years, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It was going to take a lot of work and patience but, they created an individualized plan for me, gave me the option of doing things myself or paying a small fee for them to manage my money. Pay the fee, it is worth it; reach out Simplify can help.  I have been with Simplify for a couple years now and I have eliminated all outstanding and extraneous bills. I NEVER thought this would be possible. And, when I need money for “extras,” I call to see if funds are available. There is! Like there never was before. Using Simplify has really helped me evaluate and prioritize how I spend money and I am forever grateful for the new life Simplify has helped me have. I could not have done this without Lisa and Tammy’s help, they are amazing!

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