Personal Financial Guidance

When it comes to managing money, planning and executing are two critical components to maintaining a stable financial future. Simplify’s Money Management Program helps clients create a budget. For some, a budget may look great on paper, but sticking to it may be a whole other story. This is where we step in. When bills come due, and a sense of “Am I doing this right?” or “I do not have enough time to do this” sets in, we can offer suggestions and advice to stay on track.

Simplify helps families and individuals make payments on time, avoid late fees and reduce financial stress. To minimize unnecessary fees, signing up for a money management service is a great way to track accounts and avoid charges for missing or late payments.


The initial set up process for the Money Management Program can take up to three months of closely working together in order to ensure our team has everything running smoothly. Getting things squared away initially will save a lot of time and headaches long-term.

The first scheduled appointment with Simplify generally takes about an hour. Together, we will create a spending plan based on current monthly income and expenses, talk through goals and create an execution strategy to implement moving forward. After the first appointment, we will send monthly statements upon request, review credit report to track credit progress while enrolled in Simplify’s Money Management Program and schedule monthly Zoom meets to touch base. Monthly Zoom meetings, which typically last 15-30 minutes, are a great way to touch base, go over any questions, and stay financially accountable.

Our Money Management program is very customizable. Everyone comes to us with different financial needs. In general, we need monthly bills, account numbers, due dates, amounts and the addresses to where payments are mailed to set up a bill payment plan. When you work with Simplify, choose where to send the bills. Either keep your billing address, and bring bills in to Simplify, or change your billing address to Simplify.

Our Step By Step Process

Call us today to set up a judgement-free consultation with our team at Simplify.

Gather financial information and an idea of personal financial goals to achieve. 

Bring your financial information to the initial free 30 minute consultation.

Next we get some signatures and get to work building your financial freedom!

Free 30 Minute consultation

Simplify helps remove financial barriers, regardless of income level. Let’s work together to find a solution. Complete the form, and we will be in contact to schedule a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation!

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