Client Story

“I used to watch my wife pay bills and cry trying to figure out which ones to pay and which ones to ignore.  This never made sense to me as we both had good jobs and we are not extravagant people. Our credit scores were ok, we owned a nice house, had three kids and a dog, but we always seemed to go deeper and deeper in debt.  We also would go all year dipping into our savings and finally, at tax time we would need that money to pay credit cards and replenish our savings.  The cycle never ended until we met Tammy and Lisa for the first time.  They were very honest and down to earth people and told us it would be work and the first 3 months were going to be very difficult.  Beth and I agreed that we would try it but we had to make a year commitment to ourselves to use Simplify, and we did!  That was a couple of years ago and Beth and I have not had one fight over bills or money, we sold our house and built a dream house. They even have bankers to set you up with when you want to make large purchases, our credit is around 800, kids are going to a private school, we go on trips, our tax money was delayed this year and we didn’t miss it, and our life really couldn’t be better.  Yes, we still get into financial issues but “the ladies”, as we call them, send us emails or call/text us that it is time to look at our spending and redo our budget and we get right back on track.  We tell people “we are out of the bill paying game” and if you have ever cried or fought at the kitchen table, give these ladies a call, no matter if you make 20k or 100k because when it comes to spending we all need help.”

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